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Motor Cycle Tank Refurbishment

Hartlepool Radiator Company can also provide a complete motor cycle tank restoration and expansion service for all makes and models using the unique Fuel Tank Renu process.

This is how the process works;

After assessing the condition of the gas tank, we will call you with an exact cost for the restoration of your fuel tank. If you prefer not to continue with the process, we shall return your tank immediately.

Motorcycle tank to be refurbished. The exterior paintwork has been removed from this tank.

The tank will go into our oven and bake until ALL fumes are completely eliminated and the tank will be safe to process.

If any after-market coating material has been used in the tank, it will need to be burned out before proceeding. The pour in solution does not solve the rust problem and adds to our preparation time.

The exterior will be blasted to remove all paint, rust body filler, etc. and look like this...

The bare essentials of the job. The bare essentials of the job.

Next we assess the tank configuration to determine the best possible method of accessing the interior to blast, removing all contaminates to the bare metal. This will involve removing part of the tank.

Slots cut to enable access to interior of the tank. Slots cut to enable access to interior of the tank.

The inside and the outside will be thoroughly blasted. Nothing sticks to rust, not even Renu

The removed part of the tank will be welded back in place and all welds will be ground down to help hide the welds. The welds will also be blasted to rough up enough for the Renu to make a secure bond.

After all blasting residue is blown out of the tank and it is totally clean, a thick Renu product is brushed on welds and pinholes and feathered out to ensure an even finish. It is then baked in our oven to harden.

Internal coating complete and access panel welded back into place.

Once cooled, the holes are taped and the tank is filled with Red Renu interior product and rolled to ensure a good even coating inside the tank. The excess is poured out and the tank is baked to set the interior coating. Notice the red coating material inside the tank on the right and indicated inside the yellow ring.

Area where the tank interior was accessed, after panel welding.After baking the red interior coating can be seen in the filler hole.

After cooling, the bottom half of the tank to the seam will be coated with the Black Renu exterior product and baked a third time. This completes the Renu process. Your tank will never rust inside. We give you a three year warranty.

Underside of the tank with Renu protection.

When the tank is cool it will be checked over and two coats of Primer will be applied to the TOP half to ensure it will not rust.

Renu'd tank after upper has received two coats of primer.

In addition to protecting your tank for life with the Fuel Tank Renu process our engineers have developed their fabrication expertise in a way that allows us to increase the capacity of your motorcycle fuel tank. Want to know more? Then click the arrow to find out how we can increase your range . .

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Text & pictures reproduced with kind permission of Joseph Moyer,
Moyer's Fuel Tank Renu, Greensburg, PA

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