All Heat Exchange Equipment Repaired or Remanufactured

Recycle and Save with Renu!

Your fuel tank can be punctured, scraped, or damaged, causing rust and corrosion. But replacing it with a new factory supplied tank can be expensive, and time consuming.

Our "Fuel Tank Renu" process provides an easy solution. We'll recycle your damaged tank with our patented, proven process; a fast, economical alternative to replacement. When a fuel tank arrives at our premises looking like this.............................

...we can usually return it to you looking like this!

And remember, we can arrange the collection and return of your fuel tank as part of the service at a reasonable cost so that none of your employees time is wasted.

Guaranteed Results

Our unique, chemical bonding repair process gives your fuel tank a tough, "double layer" of protection. "Fuel Tank Renu" coats both the inside and outside of your tank, sealing it from rust and corrosion.

We are so sure of our process, that we offer a three year warranty on most applications. Honoured at any Fuel Tank Renu Franchised Dealership.

Repairs Almost Any Tank

Our patented process is an excellent way to repair virtually any tank:

  • Old, hard to find tanks
  • Antique tanks for restoration
  • Boat tanks
  • Motorcycle tanks
  • Truck tanks
  • Industrial tanks
  • New tanks, to give them a lifetime protection

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The "Fuel Tank Renu" repair process is completely compatible with petrol, water (non-drinking), diesel, high octane, methanol, and alcohol. So remember..


Repair it and save costs with the
fast and convenient
money saving process
Hartlepool Radiator Company

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